Saturday 21 Apr 2018
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Ebac 6100 Silver and Steel dehumidifiers (Ebac Limited)

These dehumidifiers offer not only high performance and reliability, but have also been designed to fit into modern lifestyles. Their hi-spec designs and fashionable good looks ensure they won’t look out of place in a designer kitchen, or trendy modern home.

The powerful performance from the Ebac 6100 means they are suitable for a home with as many as 4 bedrooms, with typically around 250m2 of floor space. They maximise energy efficiency with a unique, patented smart control™ system, which automatically senses changes in the weather or the environment in your home, and adjusts the performance accordingly. This can reduce the running costs by up to 30%.

An impressive 21 litre per day capacity for moisture extraction means these dehumidifiers can cope with the toughest jobs. And their intelligent defrost system optimises performance, and prolongs the life of the unit. They feature easy to use electronic controls, and a power on indicator, as well as an audible alarm to let you know when the container is full. If you are not around to hear the 'full' warning alarm, the unit will shut itself off automatically for safety.

The Ebac 6100 also features carbon filters which help to purify the air in your home, eliminate bad odours and make the air feel fresh and clear. They are free from CFCs and HCFCs to protect the environment, and at only 14Kg are amongst the most portable heavy duty dehumidifiers available.

Ebac 6100 Silver and Steel dehumidifiers

For further information: Ebac 6100 Silver and Steel dehumidifiers

Ebac Limited
St Helen Trading Estate
Bishop Auckland
County Durham
DL14 9AL
United Kingdom
Telephone 0845 634 1392
News Ref:1671

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